Our interior design isn’t conventional. It inspires, attracts and creates an eternal impact. With a creative eye for detail, Mesch Urban creates impeccable room concepts.

Every human is AWESOME in a unique way.We aim to make your home as awesome as you!

room concept plan

We discuss your needs.
After learning your needs,
we organize resources.
And then comes our process
of the perfect execution.

3d model room concept

Our work includes making
3D models, sampling
and presentation.
So our production focuses
on skilled craftsmanship

beautiful room design

Write to us about what YOU
want and we will deliver!
Our team is devoted
towards creating marvelous
living experiences for you.

Area of work and tools:

  • Rooms we work for are : Conference rooms, Sales rooms, Fashion rooms.
  • We also offer room concept designs for Bars, Restaurants, Hair salons, Optician as well as service chambers.
  • We use materials like metal, glass, marble, granite, high grade steel, aluminium, gold, silver, plastic and ceramic.
room concept and interior design process
room concepts and interior design process

Building interior design for your room by:

  • Conceptualizing designs for your walls, floors, living spaces, bedrooms, kitchens, kids’ rooms and bathrooms. 
  •  Offering gorgeous sculptures and pictures for your interior decoration.
  • Constructing stores, planning interior design. 
  • And choosing the best lighting for your rooms.
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